Organic Cold-Pressed Progressions Cleanse. No HPP, Raw, Organic, Weight Loss
Organic Progression Cleanse
Organic Progression Cleanse

Organic Progression Cleanse

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A 3 day cleanse consisting of our 3 signature cleanses. Receive one day of Beginner, Intermediate and Pro. Enjoy this cleanse full of variety as each day reaches deeper and deeper to help eliminate toxins while allowing the digestive track to rest! An easy Progression towards eliminating sweets and cravings while getting your greens on.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent products! Will continue...

I appreciate the delivery and the juices were waiting for me when I arrived to work. Overall I liked the progression juice cleanse however as a first timer I think I was being too ambitious. I ended up feeling horrible after day 1 which makes me think he detox was working. I did like the taste of all the juices except one and they did keep me full without feeling hungry. I will definitely continue to drink these juices and will start with the beginner one first.

Loved it

It is so easy to fast when somebody else makes DELICIOUS juices n delivers them to your door. So in love with this cleanse. Some standout juices for me were always the variations of morning lemon aid, the evening but mylks (especially the green one on day 3) and the succulent grapefruit juice!!! So in love. The e3 live shot also gave me an instant booth. Thank you so much!

Great cleanse

I loved this cleanse. So much variety and everything tastes amazing. Great way to give your body a break and infuse yourself with vital fruits and veggies!

3 day Progression review

This three day cleanse was great! I really wanted to do something to reset and just put healthy foods into my body and the Purée Juice Bar client seemed like a great option. It was the right choice. Overall I really enjoyed the juices for the first two days, though the more advanced juices on day three were mixed - healthy, no doubt, but but more “greens” flavors which are great for a cleanse but would not be my personal preference. I will definitely do this cleanse again and recommend it to anyone wanting to put healthy food into their bodies. On the day after my cleanse, I feel great, noticed less joint inflammation, and even lost a few pounds!

Excellent juice cleanse

I enjoyed the progression three day juice cleanse because the juices are very tasty, and they are different for each day. I was sad when it was over. I think a five day juice cleanse would even be better!

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I've tried many of juices and smoothies and this is legit!

Great stuff

Came fast and its high quality.
Very pleased!


A+++!!! There are no words to describe such a phenomenal service and product. Will be ordering very soon again!!

I am ready for some more. 😊

Very Convenient, Fresh

I received the celery juices packed & still frozen. This is better than buying bunches of celery every few days.
I juice organic apples & ginger & mix it with the celery juice.