Puree Juice Bar is certified Kosher by DC Kosher of the National Synagogue. DC Kosher is an Orthodox kashrut organization that follows rigorous rules and procedures in order to ensure that the restaurants under supervision are kosher, with many policies similar to those of well-known kashrut organizations. Additionally, there are volunteer mashgiachim who conduct checks to insure that the restaurants are abiding by Jewish law, and that all products and items meet the kashrut standards as established by Rabbi Herzfeld, Maharat Friedman and DC Kosher. (Please note, we are not certified Kosher for Passover)


Puree goes to great lengths to ensure all produce and ingredients are certified organic. Our own organic certification is coming soon! 

Maryland Department of Health

Puree Juice Bar is licensed and inspected regularly by the Montgomery County Department of Health. We keep a super-clean, vegan and kosher kitchen and are proud to always receive a glowing review!

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They were really good for just celery!


The Puree Juice was sent to a friend that was recovering from surgery, and he loved it. It was thrilled by the gift, and said all the juices tasted great and helped him a lot. Thank you so much!

Best juices in the area

Stayed fresh for days after purchase, great flavor

Very good


Great quality as usual!