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Disclaimer: If you are under a doctor or health professional’s care, please seek advice before undergoing a cleanse. People using prescription medication should not do a cleanse longer than 3 days without medical supervision. While juice fasting is not a new concept and has been implemented successfully for centuries, Purée Artisan Juice Bar, it's employees, officers and owners, do not make any claims of the effectiveness of juice fasting to cure illness, heal illnesses, weight loss, or any other medical claim. During a detox you will probably feel great, but some experience lows, both physically and mentally. If anything is overwhelming, physically or emotionally, seek medical attention immediately. Longer term cleanses should be conducted under a health professional’s care. Colonics, massage, saunas, yoga and hot baths are recommended to assist the detox process.

Raw Alert: Puree juice and nutmilk purchased on the Site, delivered, shipped, and in the retail locations has intentionally not been pasteurized and, therefore, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

Allergy Alert: Our vegan kitchen also prepares nuts, grasses and seaweeds. All juice, nutmilk and food is made on shared equipment with such allergens.

Substitutions: Please note that substitutions occaisionally occur due to seasons, availablility of produce, etc. Please understand we reserve the right to subsitute juices at our own discretion. We will make every attempt to match similar health benefits.

Proper Storage: Raw juice and food is extremely perishable and must be stored at or under 41 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Use coolers and ice packs when traveling or if you won't be home or able to refrigerate your juice right away.

Return Policy: All sales are final.

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Excellent product

Arrives frozen, tastes fresh, and no water used to dilute the product. It’s 100% celery juice. Delivery is fast and reliable.


I ordered this because for some reason organic celery has been of limited availability in my area, and I juice every day. All I can say is, Wow! It is refreshing and delicious. If my budget allowed, I'd never juice for myself again! LOL! One star off because my order arrived with the outside edge bottles slightly thawed. I used those first.

This stuff is awesome!


This product was great. I surprisingly like the taste as well as the benefits. After a week of drinking one each morning, I felt better and had more energy.


The celery juices are incredible. Although it’s a bit more expensive than making at home, there’s zero cleanup and zero work to do. They’re super fresh and delicious. I will continuously order from here.