Shipping from Puree Juice Bar

Free Shipping on all orders in the brown and yellow areas below! We ship weekly Monday through Wednesday, and on Thursdays to the yellow area on the map. All orders leave our kitchen frozen and are packed in either biodegradable insulation with reusable ice packs or a returnable cooler. All orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt, and orders placed Thursday through Sunday by noon will be shipped on Monday. 

Your juice will ship frozen. Simply place in your freezer until you are ready to enjoy your juice or cleanse. Or place in your refrigerator if you are ready to enjoy right away. Defrost overnight in the fridge or quickly defrost in a COLD water bath. After fully defrosting, you have 3-5 days to nourish yourself! Each juice is labeled with days of freshness after defrosting. Juice may arrive slushy, which is totally ok! Simply place in freezer, refrigerator or defrost in COLD water bath. Expiration day is from fully defrosted date. 

Shipping Rates

Free for all orders within the brown and yellow areas of the map below! Depending on order size, discounted shipping is calculated at checkout for the rest of the country. Check back often as we are always striving to reduce our shipping rates for you!


Our signature organic, cold-pressed juice, bottled and frozen immediately for freshness. Freezing preserves all the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, flavor and color while extending shelf life without pasteurization. 

HDPE Bottles

We've done the research. HDPE plastic bottles are the safest for shipping and freezing, with no plastic leaching.


Juice is always ready for you with two easy ways to defrost: simply defrost the day before you want to start your cleanse in the fridge, or run under a cold water bath which takes about 10 minutes. You can always grab from the freezer one or two at a time to have fresh juice as part of your wellness plan daily or use as a cleanse. Now you can always have fresh juice ready to go!

No H2O

Don't be fooled. Other frozen 'juice' companies add water to their juices for shipping. This dilutes flavor, nutrients, and you get less of what you are paying for! All juices are our signature recipes as found in our infamous bars. Only our lemon-aids and nut-mylks have water as part of the recipe. Total transparency.


Don't be sucked into semantics. No matter what others call it, HPP is pasteurization. Period. Pasteurization  destroys vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes in exchange for shelf life.  We will never de-nature your juice. We have worked hard on logistics to get you real raw juice without compromise. Read more about HPP on our blog.

Green Cell

We use the only compostable and bio-degradable insulation available on the market.  Simply re-cycle the plastic lining (to keep foam dry during shipping) and dissolve the insulation in your sink, compost pile, or feed your plants with it! Watch the video below:



As always, please call Customer Care at 301-246-0509 for questions, special orders or anything at all! You can also reach out via email at

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447 reviews

I've tried many of juices and smoothies and this is legit!

Great stuff

Came fast and its high quality.
Very pleased!


A+++!!! There are no words to describe such a phenomenal service and product. Will be ordering very soon again!!

I am ready for some more. 😊

Very Convenient, Fresh

I received the celery juices packed & still frozen. This is better than buying bunches of celery every few days.
I juice organic apples & ginger & mix it with the celery juice.